We will equip everyone with cancer, diabetes or heart disease with digital support that works, no matter who or where they are.

We are Changing Health

Global impact of chronic disease


in 2019, chronic conditions such as diabetes and cancer took 41 million lives.


in addition to the loss of life, chronic health conditions are crippling economies.

If current trends continue, by 2030, 52 million people will die each year from chronic health conditions, at an annual cost of $47trillion.

Our journey

It started in the lab

Our CEO and founder Professor Mike Trenell, has published over 100 peer reviewed academic papers, established collaborations with leading academic institutions and research bodies around the world. This has led to IP and licenses enabling Changing Health to set a new standard in digital therapeutics.

The science turned digital

Changing Health is able to provide en masse highly personal and relevant evidence based education and lifestyle coaching, leading to cost effective scale, with a sustained positive impact. Driven by our own artificial intelligence (AI) engine, users can receive education and support based on their needs and preferences.

Then we got personal

Delivered via lifestyle coaches, or the platform's AI. Each user receives a personal experience based on their own goals and background. This ensures the behaviour change intervention creates a lasting impact.

Now it's about real world data

From tracking a user's movement, to randomised clinical trials. Changing Health is focused on showing the real world impact of it’s services.

Changing Health Leadership

Prof. Mike Trenell

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Mike is one of the UKs leading lifestyle medicine researchers and practitioners, publishing over 100 peer reviewed papers. He is Professor of Metabolism & Lifestyle Medicine at Newcastle University, founding director of the National Health Innovation Observatory (NIHR), a former National Institute for Health Research Senior Fellow and Diabetes UK RD Lawrence Fellow. Alongside being a holding roles on the EPSRC Healthcare Technologies Advisory board and past member of the Diabetes UK Science and Research Advisory Board, Mike is also a member of the editorial board of the American Diabetes Association journal 'Diabetes' and also 'Clinical Science'.

Nick Imrie

Chief of Staff

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Nick is a serial entrepreneur (part of 3 exits - 2 as co-founder). Nick joins us with a strong background in digital and technology and has significant experience scaling companies internationally. Nick has also held senior marketing, sales and product management positions at companies as diverse as VeriSign Inc and UserZoom.

Ashley Duque Kienzle

Chief Product Officer

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Ashley is a leading expert in the application of AI in healthcare. She holds a degree in Behavioural Biology and Masters in Communication focused on Behaviour Change from John Hopkins University. Ashley has held senior positions at Accenture, Capital One, Facebook, Amazon and Babylon Health where she's helped define and scale digital innovations across multiple markets.

Tony Wallace

Chief Commercial Officer

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As Chief Commercial Officer for Changing Health, I work as part of a skilled and talented exec team to beat chronic disease through lifestyle changes that last a lifetime. 41million people a year lose their lives to chronic disease, with 80% of these deaths due to diabetes, obesity and cancer. For many of these, lifestyle plays an important role in prevention, management and survivorship. Changing Health are focused on the behavioural, organisational and technical challenges that, if correctly addressed, will enable people to prevent, reverse or survive some of the worlds most burdensome chronic diseases. I drive parts of this mission by: - Shaping the Sales Strategy and building a commercial roadmap that underpins our mission - Building and maintaining a fantastic organisational culture - Supporting our customers to achieve behaviour change at scale

Jacob Sunol

Chief Technology Officer

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One of the most important lessons I learned about teamwork was on my days when I was building my company: working together for one goal with a passionate and talented team can make the impossible possible. In 2011, I decided to quit my job to start a digital health company. The aim was to help patients better understand their chronic disease, facilitating lasting behavioural changes for a better quality of life. As a result, several clinics, patients, and pharmaceutical companies located all over the world use the platform. For the last five years, I have been working in the pharma and medical device industry, transforming their businesses. In addition, I have worked in Oncology, Neuroscience, Rare Diseases and Diabetes. In my free time, I like to code, mostly learning new languages or cool projects for friends. I love Python and Javascript. Today, as the Chief Technology Officer at Changing Health, responsible for focusing on the behavioural, organisational and technical challenges to preventing, reversing or surviving chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease and mental health.

Damien Marmion

Non-executive Director

Read more about Damien Marmion
Dr Damien Marmion is a qualified Doctor who has over 26 years experience of running healthcare businesses. Damien was with Bupa for 21 years in the UK and Asia. He led a startup health insurance company in India in 2008 and was Managing Director of Bupa's UK insurance business in 2013. He was also CEO of AXA's Global healthcare businesses until 2017. Since then Damien has been leading the development of digital healthcare businesses in the UK and outside. Damien lives in the UK and is a keen cyclist and cook.

White paper: Why user centricity must live at the heart of healthcare technology

Apps, wearables, chatbot diagnostics, voice assistant therapies and other technologies are transforming the delivery of healthcare. The opportunities to improve health outcomes are now boundless – but those opportunities will be missed if we lose sight of the user’s own needs.

This white paper covers areas such as:

  • Ways to improve user retention by building with your users’ wants, needs and limitations front of mind
  • How agile principles and co-creation with users will keep your technology accessible for everyone, regardless of age or technical confidence
  • Hear from industry leaders from organisations including NHS England, NHSX, 10 Downing Street and The Institute for Customer Service

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