A new partnership between Nemaura Medical, a provider of non-invasive medical diagnostic technology and Changing Health, a provider of digital behaviour change
programmes, means Nemaura users with Type 2 diabetes can access support to make positive lifestyle changes and monitor the effect on their health in real time.

Nemaura’s technology continuously measures selected molecules in the blood via a painless, non-invasive (needle-free) disposable skin patch connected to a small electronic device. It allows both users and healthcare professionals to closely monitor chronic diseases
such as diabetes, enabling better management of disease and wellness, potentially improving quality of life for the user and aiming to reduce healthcare costs.

Changing Health’s digital programme for Type 2 diabetes management combines a course of education on lifestyle and metabolism, delivered via web or mobile app, with one to one support over the phone with a lifestyle coach trained in health psychology. Users’ digital and coaching support is personalised to their own individual needs, taking social, demographic, economic and other factors into account.

Dr. Faz Chowdhury, CEO of Nemaura, commented: “We are delighted to enter into this collaboration with Changing Health, a leading global force in behavioural change programs. This collaboration is part of our continued commitment to add further services to our BEAT ® diabetes program aimed at improving management and reversing or preventing Type 2 diabetes.”

Professor Mike Trenell, Founder & Chairman at Changing Health, said: “This is a hugely exciting collaboration with a disruptive force in the world of med-tech. Empowering people with Type 2 diabetes with a real-time view of how they’re better managing their condition each day is the best motivator there can be, and we’re looking forward to working with Nemaura to create positive behaviour change at scale.”