NHS England recently announced that Diabetes transformation funded sites are now able to use up to 25% of their 2018/19 structured education allocations for digital self-management applications.

Changing Health has been highlighted as a suitable provider for this funding after successfully passing the NHSE technical assessment and being accredited by the independent body, QISMET.

Chief Executive John Grumitt said: “this announcement, in addition to QISMET accreditation, reinforces the importance of applying a robust evidence base to digital solutions. Our enhanced service provides the NHS with the most cost effective digital education and self management application available coupling this with personalised behaviour change coaching support.

“We welcome NHS England’s encouragement of commissioners to use accredited digital solutions to improve access to education that gives people with diabetes the support they want and need to make sustained improvements to their lifestyle to lose weight and improve their diabetes management.”

The NHS funding will run until March 2019, and could provide access to digital education for tens of thousands of people. WIth detailed guidance from NHS England now confirmed, NHS commissioners are encouraged to apply for funds immediately.