Changing Health, the service transforming digital education and support for people with Type 2 diabetes, is now available for thousands more people in Newcastle to rapidly improve their health outcomes.

A new agreement between Changing Health and Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which delivers healthcare services from six major sites across the city, means the entire Type 2 diabetes population covered by the Trust can now access the service. Around 25,000 people in Newcastle and Gateshead have Type 2 diabetes.

Changing Health combines strongly evidence-based digital education with up to 100 minutes of one-to-one support from a qualified behavioural change coach. The education content is accessed via smartphone, tablet or PC, and is available anytime, anywhere. Positive outcomes for users include an average 0.7% reduction in HbA1c thanks to an average 7.4kg weight loss, and the possibility to completely reverse their Type 2 diabetes.

Changing Health Chief Executive, John Grumitt, said: “We’re excited to be able to transform diabetes outcomes for thousands of people in Changing Health’s home city. There’s a growing consensus among healthcare providers that adopting innovative new methods of behaviour change can deliver far greater benefits than traditional structured education.

“Empowering people with the tools and the knowledge to take up healthier lifestyle habits is the key to tackling the global health crisis of Type 2 diabetes. That’s what we’re doing in Newcastle and across the nation.”