Service description – Stride

“The Service” in the context of this document refers to the digital services, Coaching services and all content available via the app;
Stride – a behaviour change programme for those over 65yrs old;

The Service is delivered through a web app or mobile app, supplemented with telephone or video coaching, by individuals with expertise in lifestyle management and training in the delivery of brief motivational techniques (‘a Coach’). Service Users will receive 12 weeks’ access to the Service, commencing from the date of your first registration with the Service.

The Service provides Service Users with the ability to log and track activity (daily steps), weight, and food intake, and write Action Plans in support of lifestyle change goals. At a defined point within the learning content, eligible Service Users will gain the ability to book up to six live Coaching sessions.

We may change the site, Services (including Coaching) or content from time to time to update for changes in scientific knowledge, improve usability or to comply with regulatory changes. We may also require you to update or add additional content to your profile/account in order to optimise your use and outcomes from the Service.
Coaches are assigned to Service Users based on their requested availability. A Coach assigned to a Service User can view and monitor ALL data logged or otherwise provided to the Service by that Service User, unless the Service User states otherwise when that data is provided. You must choose the appropriate privacy settings when entering your data on the app if you do not want our Coaches to access that information. Please contact if you require assistance with your privacy settings.

Coach appointments are delivered by telephone or Video Call at an agreed date and time. A Service User can view their Coach’s availability for appointments through the app. If a booked appointment needs to be cancelled by the Coach, then Service Users will receive an email notification at least 1 hour in advance of that booked appointment. Any sessions cancelled by the coach can be rebooked by the service user for another date. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session you must do so as soon as possible and not less than 24 hours in advance of the Coaching session. If a Service User fails to cancel an appointment they cannot attend at least 24 hours in advance, and does not respond to a telephone call received as a booked appointment, that booked appointment will still be taken from your appointment allowance.

If you wish to change your Coach for any reason, you may request this at any time by contacting Please note that we have a limited number of Coaches and may not be able to accommodate multiple changes of Coach.

If you are referred to the Service by Barnsley CCG, South West Yorkshire FT, and or Langland, Changing Health will notify Barnsley CCG, South West Yorkshire FT, and or Langland about your status within the programme (declined, ineligible, did not attend education, attended education, did not complete education, completed education) after your referral. Changing Health will update any changes to your status with Barnsley CCG, South West Yorkshire FT, and or Langland as required. This information will also be shared with your Dietician and be updated by your Dietician on your electronic health record. Please see our privacy policy for more information about how we handle your personal data. If you have any questions or concerns about your data please contact us to discuss: If you require more information about how Barnsley CCG, South West Yorkshire FT, and or Langland or your Dietician handle your personal data please refer to their privacy policies (which should be available on their websites).

By registering as a Service User you represent that all information supplied about the User is accurate. You may suffer serious harm if you provide misleading or untrue information about yourself, your age or your health in using the Service, including the Coaching service.

We will provide you with access to the Services once you have completed all registration requirements and we have confirmed your subscription with Barnsley CCG, South West Yorkshire FT, and or Langland. You will be able to make use of the Services for the duration of your subscription (12 weeks) unless and until either of us terminates this agreement in accordance with its terms or the Services otherwise become unavailable either on a temporary or permanent basis.

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