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North West London Collaboration of CCGs reported a 10 point
ncrease in PAM scores, which equates to a possible 20% reduction
in hospitalisation and 20% improvement in medication adherence.

From management to remission

I put my Type 2 diabetes into remission in six months

"When I was low, I called my coach and beat myself up, but she looks at the big picture. She’s brilliant. I’ll miss her."


"Before Changing Health I had to take a lot of medication to manage my diabetes, which made me feel terrible. I didn't know I had the potential to take control of my health!"

Tina, Northamptonshire

"I feel better, my memory’s much better… I’m sleeping really well, bouncing with energy, and bouncing with confidence."

Sheinaz, a GP Practice manager

"Before, I was down in the dumps – I’m so much more energetic now! So I’ll keep it up for the rest of my life."


"Now I’m always taking long walks. I'm climbing the stairs when I get home – and I live on the fourteenth floor!"

Stephen, 54