A future without Type 2 diabetes

It's time to say hello to your personal app and lifestyle coach. Our app will show how small changes in diet and exercise can have a big impact on health. And through the application of behavioural psychology, our lifestyle coaches will work with you to achieve your goals and put a stop to developing Type 2 diabetes.

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You can view the full outcomes of our 12 month study on the prevention programme here 

No longer at risk of Type 2 diabetes

I lost 11kg and 5% body fat in 12 weeks

"It’s an enormous buzz when you jump on the scales and see you’ve lost half a kilo in a week. This has changed my life forever."

Rich, retired police officer

"Since I’ve got more energy I’m cooking more at home, I’m running round, doing bits I used to leave for the weekend."

Alison, 50

"Now I’m always taking long walks. I'm climbing the stairs when I get home – and I live on the fourteenth floor!"

Stephen, 54

"After 12 weeks I could feel my ribcage – I realised I had bones! I’m keeping up the healthy eating; I really enjoy it."

Tim, 52