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Turn Key digital health platform and behaviour change programmes that help people with diabetes, cancer or heart disease to live healthier and happier lives.

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Type 2 diabetes management

Behaviour change programme clinically proven to reduce HbA1c and weight for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
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Type 2 diabetes prevention

Behaviour change programme for people at risk of Type 2 diabetes. QiC award winner, described as "the future of diabetes prevention" by the judges.
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Weight management

Behaviour change programme to help people create a sustained weight loss. Based on the world leading RCT POWeR.
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New programmes coming

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The Platform

Industry leading digital health platform that delivers behaviour change programmes at scale. Already Helping over 3 million people in the UK via the NHS
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  • 4.5KG

    average weight reduction of users at 12 months

  • 95%

    of users found the content easy to understand

  • 91%

    of users reported an increase in making healthy diet changes at 12 months

What users say

I lost 11kg and 5% body fat in 12 weeks

"It’s an enormous buzz when you jump on the scales and see you’ve lost half a kilo in a week. This has changed my life forever."

Rich, retired police officer

I put my Type 2 diabetes into remission in six months

"When I was low, I called my coach and beat myself up, but she looks at the big picture. She’s brilliant. I’ll miss her."


"Since I’ve got more energy I’m cooking more at home, I’m running round, doing bits I used to leave for the weekend."

Alison, 50

"Now I’m always taking long walks. I'm climbing the stairs when I get home – and I live on the fourteenth floor!"

Stephen, 54

"After 12 weeks I could feel my ribcage – I realised I had bones! I’m keeping up the healthy eating; I really enjoy it."

Tim, 52

"My daughter is amazed how much fitter I seem - It hasn’t felt like self-sacrifice at all."

David, Hanwell

"It’s self-fulfilling - you’ve got more energy, so you can do more exercise, and the whole thing becomes very positive."

Pat, Swindon

""Having my lifestyle coach on hand to keep track of my meals and exercise is really positive - it gives me a lot of encouragement""

Pat, 71

"I feel better, my memory’s much better… I’m sleeping really well, bouncing with energy, and bouncing with confidence."

Sheinaz, a GP Practice manager

"Before Changing Health I had to take a lot of medication to manage my diabetes, which made me feel terrible. I didn't know I had the potential to take control of my health!"

Tina, Northamptonshire

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