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I achieved remission in 10 weeks

"I feel better, my memory’s much better… I’m sleeping really well, bouncing with energy, and bouncing with confidence."

Sheinaz, a GP Practice manager

Lost 11kg in 12 weeks

"I wake up in the morning fresh as a daisy and I’m sleeping through the night. It’s a complete change."

Rich, Swindon

Lost 10.4kg in 12 weeks

"My daughter is amazed how much fitter I seem - It hasn’t felt like self-sacrifice at all."

David, Hanwell

Prevented Type 2 diabetes

"It’s self-fulfilling - you’ve got more energy, so you can do more exercise, and the whole thing becomes very positive."

Pat, Swindon

I prevented Type 2 diabetes

""Having my lifestyle coach on hand to keep track of my meals and exercise is really positive - it gives me a lot of encouragement""

Pat, 71

I put my Type 2 diabetes into remission in six months

"When I was low, I called my coach and beat myself up, but she looks at the big picture. She’s brilliant. I’ll miss her."


I put my Type 2 diabetes into remission a year ago - and kept it that way

""My strategy is to picture my own long-term health. I keep a couple of pics on my phone of how I was before, just to remind myself.”"

Tina, 45

I reduced my body age by 15 years in 12 weeks

"After 12 weeks I could feel my ribcage – I realised I had bones! I’m keeping up the healthy eating; I really enjoy it."

Tim, 52

I reversed my diabetes in three months

"Before, I was down in the dumps – I’m so much more energetic now! So I’ll keep it up for the rest of my life."


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